About Woosh

Rethink the way we drink

Woosh’s vision is to bring top quality, tasty and safe water to urban environments in every city in the world.

We want to help people consume more water in a sustainable and Eco-friendly way, while helping them save money at the same time.

Our story begins with Itay (co-founder and CEO of woosh), who went out for a stroll with his first born on a sunny summer day.

The water bottle they brought from home was long ago finished, and his son was thirsty, so Itay set out looking for a place to fill it up.

He searched for a clean and safe source of water, preferably cold, but couldn’t find one. Buying a disposable plastic bottle was completely out of the question (call him green if you will).

That’s when it hit him, the idea for safe, reliable, plastic free water on the go.

The seed for Woosh was planted that day…

2010 – The company was founded by two entrepreneurs with a vision to change the way people consume water in public places
2010-2013: Research & Development for the world’s first Smart Water Station, designed for outdoors and public space. Main R&D focused on a safe purification mechanism that will ensure high standard water quality in outdoors environment. And a first of its kind, bottle rinsing system

2012- Partnered with the ODIS group, a leading company in the field of water treatment and large-scale water infrastructure projects, combining the young start up enthusiasm and innovative technology together with 30+ years of experience in water treatment

2013-2015 – Woosh began a two year pilot, on its first large metropolitan, where residents and visitors interacted with the stations, for the first time.

2016, Woosh began its first commercial project in the US, teaming up with Smart Water Stations USA INC (SWS)

The seed for Woosh was planted that day…