About Woosh

Outdoor Water Station

Un-plastic Your Water

At Woosh we aim to change the way people drink water in public places.

Our stations provide water that meets the highest quality standards and make it easy to rehydrate in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Our story begins with the company’s founder, Itay, who went out for a stroll with his first born on a sunny summer day. The water bottle they brought from home was long ago finished, and his son was thirsty, so Itay set out looking for a place to fill it up.

He searched for a clean and safe source of water, preferably cold, but couldn’t find one. Buying a disposable plastic bottle was completely out of the question (call him green if you will).

That’s when it hit him, the idea for safe, reliable, plastic free water on the go.

The seed for Woosh was planted that day…

  • Bottle Rinsing: An innovative feature that allows you to rinse your bottle with ozone (O3) enriched water in 10 seconds. Keep your bottle clean and free of unpleasant taste and odors.
  • Ultra-Purified: Our patented Ozone-based water purification technology doesn’t just filter everything out – it removes impurities while leaving the healthy stuff in.
  • Ice Cold: Our robust cooling system provides high-volumes of cold water, even during the busiest time of the day.
  • On the Go: Woosh’s outdoor models are made specifically for public spaces, providing a convenient, easy and cost effective way to drink water.
  • Earth Friendly: Every time you choose woosh you choose not buy another plastic bottle, thus helping save the environment from plastic waste.
  • Saves Money: Refilling a bottle with Woosh costs a fraction of the price of buying bottled water on-the-go and eliminates the cost of handling plastic bottles waste.


    1. Choose how you want to Woosh:
      • Pay Per Fill: Just swipe your debit or credit card at any station to rinse or fill your bottle.
      • Prepaid packages: subscribe to the service here or at any station and choose one of our packages, which give you discounts and make refilling easier and faster.
    2. Bring any bottle to a Woosh station.
    3. Choose your fill size and whether you want to rinse your bottle.
    4. Fill / Rinse your bottle and enjoy delicious water.

You can also purchase one of our reusable bottles and other accessories here