The Station

Outdoor Bottle Refill Station

Water Re-invented

  • The stations are connected to the municipal water mains. The water enters the station and then runs through our patented comprehensive water treatment process which is based on O3 purification technology.
  • An automated system monitors stations’ activity to keep water at the highest quality.
  • Spin – the water in the station never stays still. Woosh stations keeps spinning or moving the water internally to ensure freshness.
  • Bottle rinsing process – O3 enriched water wash & bottle cooling.
  • O3 is one of the most powerful and efficient sanitizers. Due to its efficiency, it is regularly used in various fields such as the health and food industries.
  • O3 is naturally produced inside the system, without adding any chemicals or other substances. It does not add unwanted flavor to the water. It enriches the water with Oxygen (O2).


To provide the best service possible, our technical team makes sure that all stations are cleaned and maintained regularly. Woosh performs on-site performance tests to assure highest quality of water at all times.

Furthermore, all Woosh stations are remotely monitored 24/7 through our cloud based technology to our control room, ensuring the highest water quality at all times.

  1. Outdoor  – our flagship model designed for public locations around the city such as boardwalks, public transportation hubs, parks and more.
  2. Indoor – Built specifically for indoor spaces that serve large numbers of people, such as college campuses, governmental agencies, municipal buildings, hospitals etc.
  3. Mobile – a model designated for short term deployments, and serving large crowds in festivals, conventions, concerts and other events.