The Station

Cleaner greener cooler

Woosh is a Smart Water Station, with patented, Water treatment system inside, supplying chilled, tasty and pure water.

Woosh station clean and sanitize one’s bottle

Each of Woosh’s stations is serviced regularly by highly trained technicians

The stations are connected to the city water mains. The water enter the station, run through our patented and unique O3 water treatment process and chilled.

An automated system continually monitors the station’s activity to keep water at the highest quality.

Spin – the water in the system never stays still for over 10 minutes. We keep spinning them to help ensure freshness

Bottle rinsing process comprised of two stages (~10 seconds):

First stage: O3 enriched water wash (~5 seconds)

Second Stage: Fresh water wash + cooling the bottle

O3, is one of the most powerful and efficient sanitizers that exist. Due to its efficiency, it is regularly used in various fields such as the health and food industries.

O3 is naturally produced inside the system, without adding any chemicals or other substances. It does not add unwanted taste to the water


To provide you with the best service, we make sure that all the stations are cleaned and maintained regularly by our team of technicians. Besides, when we’re not at the station we can still monitor it 24/7 with our cloud based technology. This means we can ensure quality water and functioning stations, and if you have a question you can always call or write us

A simple and friendly user interface makes it super easy to clean and fill your bottle in just a few taps of the screen.

The whole system is connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely, so if you’re having any issues we can step in to help.

The station is controlled by touch screen though also accessible by a manual joystick for children, handicapped or anyone who doesn’t get along with touch screens…