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Drinking water reinvented Making water awesome

We make smart water stations that will cleanse and refill your bottle with purified, chilled and tasty drinking water on the go.
our purpose is to provide everyone in the city with a healthy, green, money-saving alternative to plastic bottled drinks.

A smart, simple and sustainable solution for drinking clean water in the 21st century.
Our stations dispense chilled purified water, for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
Not just refill, our station can also rinse and sanitize nearly any bottle you’ll bring, no matter size, shape or material.

Tasty – crisp and refreshing, the way water should taste. It’s purified with O3, not chlorine, so no aftertaste, oh and it’s served chilled.

Clean & Fresh – filtered then purified to the highest standards and kept clean by our patented CIP mechanism.

Convenient – indoor and outdoor stations make it accessible so you can always count on one being nearby.

Hygienic – bring your own personal bottle and sanitize it at the station, removing bacteria growth before you fill it up again.

Green & Sustainable – no plastic waste from bottles. No burning fossil fuels to transport the water.

There are 2 ways you can enjoy woosh water:
Pay per use – you can simply swipe your credit card at any given station in order to rinse and fill your bottle.
Regular size fill (up to 20 Oz/ 600 ml) – $.50
Large size fill (up to 34 Oz / 1000 ml) – $.75
Rinse – Add $.15
Become a friend – open a pre-paid account here and enjoy up to 30% more credits with our value packages. You can drink at any of our stations either with a woosh Tag, or with your phone number (chances are you won’t forget that).