Make a change, save some change

Why is woosh a great idea:

  • Tasty & refreshing
  • Green and eco-friendly
  • Simple and easily accessible to anyone
  • Costs much less than bottled water
  • Supports a healthy fit lifestyle
  • Cleans your bottle as well
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Green – a sustainable way to bring quality drinking water to everyone without creating waste and emitting high amounts of green house gases.
By drinking in a multi-use water bottle, you’re doing us all a favor by reducing the amount of waste and green house gas emissions.
How exactly? Ask yourself these questions:
How many plastic bottles go to waste each year?
How much fuel is burnt to get water from the source to me?

Accessible – fully automated, user friendly and at your disposal round the clock, indoor and out!

Affordable – woosh doesn’t waste resources on bottling and shipping, so it costs significantly less than bottled water.

Any container – glass, plastic, stainless steel, whatever the size or material, our machine can sanitize it and fill it up with high quality water.

Tasty – crisp, cold, clear water with no odor or aftertaste, just pure, refreshing H2O.

We at woosh encourage living a healthy, active lifestyle, and that begins with drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and ready for anything.

Our stations are a great solution for anybody who does outdoor sports. Whether on a bike trip, out for a run, doing yoga in the park or even walking the dog, woosh is there to quench your thirst.

When delicious water is easily available, chances are you’re gonna drink more of it rather than sugary drinks.